Cue the “Jaws” theme music

Jaws. Have you seen the movie? I think it scarred my generation who saw it when they were young.

I learned recently that the shark doesn’t appear on the screen until the 1 hr and 21 min mark of the 2 hr 10 min film.

So for a little more than half of the movie, the title character is visually absent. How were the filmmakers able to create so much interest around this absent character and keep people from leaving the theater?

They must have known that anticipation is worse than reality.

You might be thinking, “Catherine, what is the connection here with selling?”

I’m talking about outreach. 

You get clammy hands. Your mouth goes dry. You feel butterflies. You’re nervous to have to talk to someone or click “send” on an email. The anticipation is killing you.

So you summon your courage, remind yourself of the value you provide, and do your outreach. 

What happens the minute you’re done with the task? You feel great! You’re proud, relieved, thankful. You renew your purpose as you think through your next steps. 

In my own life, I’ve noticed fewer nervous symptoms as I have trained myself that picking up the phone isn’t a dangerous situation that calls for a fight or flight response. So let’s think of that good feeling and remember anticipation is often worse than the task.

Happy Selling!