Jumpstart your sales with one major action

Jun 4, 2024

There’s no quick fix for struggling sales, but I can think of one thing that makes a HUGE difference: Start using a strong call to action (CTA) immediately.

(See what I did there?)

Here are two guidelines to help you make a strong call to action. 

  1. Strong CTAs are specific. For example, “if I don’t hear from you by Wednesday, I’ll give you a call Thursday morning.”

  2.  A strong call to action is required at every stage of the sales cycle. For example, when sending a proposal, don’t get off the call with your prospect before saying, “Let’s set a time right now to discuss the proposal I’ll send you by Friday. How is Tuesday morning at 10 am?” 

Why is are CTAs so important? They keep the next step of the buying cycle clear. Regular, clear CTAs equip you, the sales professional, to be the Guide your prospects need. As a salesperson, you know the way to help prospects live the life they want. You know the value of what you are offering. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to make it easy for your prospect as they evaluate you.  

Today’s prospects are more informed than ever about your products and services before you even speak with them. They are ready for you to be organized and efficient when you meet.

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Happy Selling!