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July 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter

July 2017 Monthly NBDA Reporter: Members only Benefits around Lead Generation and CEO conversations; NBDA Member and Spotlight - Sharon Moon; Genesys Works 15th Anniversary Celebration; Welcome to New Members

July 2017 Monthly News & Updates
This is a great time to be an NBDA member. We have TWO members-only events in August to help our members find more opportunities.
Aug 9: NBDA Members-Only Lead Generation Group Meeting
Aug 29: NBDA Members-Only CEO Forum with Kyle Cain, President, Sprint Sand & Clay
Member and Sponsor Spotlight: Sharon Moon, President at AVDS

The power of relationships, the power of face to face conversations, the power of meeting people in a large gathering are invaluable to me and hopefully for you in achieving your goals personally and professionally. 

Today it is just as challenging creating relationships that can help us win business as it has ever been. We are spending more time on social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and not really having those face to face conversations that help make us better connections. 

My most successful opportunities and strongest relationships today are still the ones where I meet face-to-face regularly. This is one of the main reasons AVDS is a sponsor of NBDA. 

NBDA offers the opportunity to meet with a large group of successful people on a consistent basis. I can speak to 10 or 15 people in a short period of time which is invaluable and here is why. I was speaking with Rob Smith, an NBDA member, and mentioned we were working on a global contact center opportunity. I mentioned their name and Rob happened to be on a panel with the president of the company. Rob offered to e-mail the president stating he would highly recommend our company. That simple one-line e-mail generated a response from the company's president indicating he would connect me with their leader in that area. We are now bidding on that opportunity. 

Save the Date - November 1, 2017
NBDA Houston Golf Tournament at Blackhorse Golf Club
An 18 hole Golf Tournament with games and prized. Lunch and Dinner included. Space Is Limited! For questions or information, please email Kelly Kelsheimer.

Genesys Works
NBDA Houston supports Genesys Works - 15th Anniversary Celebration on October 17, 2017
Please join us in celebrating our success on October 17, 2017, at the Hilton-Americas Hotel. Chaired by Genesys Works board member and Dynegy CEO Bob Flexon, the15th Anniversary Celebration begins with an inspiring Breaking Through Ceremony at 6pm, followed by cocktails and dinner at 7pm. 

Across America, millions of young people are shut out of today's workforce due to lack of relevant skills and work experience. At the same time, millions of entry-level jobs go unfilled because companies struggle to find qualified candidates. 

What if we could bridge that gap? 
What if we could connect motivated youth with real opportunity? 
We can. And we do. We are Genesys Works. 

Our mission is to transform the lives of disadvantaged youth through skills training, meaningful internships, and impactful relationships. 

We serve nearly 300 Houston-area students each year from 25 urban public high schools in four school districts. They are trained in IT, Business and Engineering skills as well as workplace readiness skills that equip them to lend immediate value to the companies with whom they intern. We accomplish this in partnership with more than 50 major companies in Houston. 

In 2017, Genesys Works marks its 15th year of changing the life trajectory of these deserving young people.  

Welcome New Members

Please join us in welcoming our new members from June & July 2017. 
  • Paul Phillips, Emission Monitoring Service, Inc.
  • Brittany Brown, H&R Block
  • Isabella Montani, SierraConstellation Partners
  • Renee Hansen, Vaco
  • Alex Howard, Stout
  • Cindy Foong, Albeck Financial Services
  • Zack Tafelski, Kainos Partners
  • Amy Warmke, DLA Piper

Did you know that members get to volunteer for visibility and also receive a complimentary headshot as a key member benefit? Reach out to Traci Twardowski for more details on how you can get your member benefits.
As an NBDA Member, YOU should be a volunteer.
You're probably wondering if you heard that right. YES! Volunteering gives you instant access to some great new contacts and visibility within the business community.

Reach out to Traci Twardowski for more details and to get started.

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The National Business Development Association supports Genesys Works Houston and their mission to enable economically-disadvantaged high school students to enter and thrive in the economic mainstream.
Genesys Works

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