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Why a Handwritten Note Versus an Email or Text in Business
Why a Handwritten Note Versus an Email or Text in Business

Why a Handwritten Note Versus an Email or Text in Business

The business relationships we build today are more important than ever.   Before we ever have a chance to meet someone in person, they have been able to find out all about you and your business through the Internet and social media.  First impressions can already be established before you ever sit down with your prospect or a referral partner. Most likely, they have already made a decision on who you are, what you do and how you go about it.

So, the better you are at building the relationship, the better you will be at growing your business.  Why?  It doesn’t matter how much you know, because we can search for anything on the Internet.  What matters most is that you care about the relationship.  You separate yourself in business by putting special emphasis on the relationship and a handwritten note will allow you to do just that versus an email or a text any day of the week.

Just think about the last handwritten note you received in the mail.  How do you feel about that person and the relationship you have?  We all have a need to feel appreciated and important.  With the ability to email or text right from the palm of your hand through your smartphone, reaching out through these methods is what everyone does.  Technology has made it simple.  We appreciate and respect the person who takes the time to send a handwritten note, as we know they took time out of their busy schedule to do just that.  How much more special would it be to get a card in the mail congratulating you on your 5-year anniversary at your company versus the standard worded LinkedIn message?  Would you remember the person who sent you the card more so than those who sent you the LinkedIn message?  Why?  Because it’s unique.  It’s different.  What if that card had a small gift attached?  It would show that you and your relationship are important to the person who sent it to you.  The power of the handwritten greeting card is an underutilized tool in the business world.

You may think this sounds great, although in your already busy business life, when do you have time?  What if you could send that greeting card in your own handwriting directly from your smartphone at the fraction of the cost that you traditionally pay for a store bought card?  Enter the world of SendOutCards.  You pick the card, add photos, add a message, even add a gift, and when you hit send, SendOutCards will print, stuff, stamp and mail that card for you. 

Test drive the SendOutCards system by downloading the SendOutCards App, and entering the code 77255 to send a free card to one of your business contacts or learn more at

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