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The National Business Development Association (NBDA) is proud to recognize Genesys Works as its philanthropic endeavor.

Genesys Works delivers pathways, possibilities and real-world opportunity by training underserved and economically disadvantaged high school students in areas that visionary companies value. Investing in Genesys Works is an investment in the community. Simply put, they have created an infrastructure that makes business environment internships invaluable to both students and employers. The recruitment approach is wide and allows them to appeal to a large cross-section of high school juniors, whom will engage in a conversation about a meaningful internship.

Genesys Works has grown and thrived for nearly a decade in several U.S. locations, most notably in Houston. In anticipation of even further growth, the Houston leadership team has mapped out a plan to reach more young people and, as a result, support more employer-based internship programs.


To enable economically-disadvantaged high school students to enter and thrive in the economic mainstream by providing them the knowledge and work experience required to succeed as professionals.

Throughout the program, students realize firsthand that they can thrive in a corporate environment and that pursuing a professional career can help them achieve a much higher standard of living than they are accustomed to. With this knowledge and continuous guidance from the Genesys Works staff, they significantly redefine their long-term goals and set plans to pursue them. In fact, over 95 percent of Genesys Works graduates enroll in college immediately after high school, and most are the first in their family to do so.


In true partnership with schools, achieve a new culture in inner-city schools in which the pursuit of a professional career becomes "the given" for all students.


Genesys Works – Houston has impacted nearly 1,400 Houston-area high school students since the organization was founded in 2002

  • More than 90% of students go on to post-secondary education as compared to 50% of HISD graduates
  • Companies pay a rate that covers three-quarters of Genesys Works’ expenses, requiring only one-quarter of our budget from philanthropy
  • More than half of all Fortune 500 companies in Houston engage Genesys Works’ students
  • Founder and CEO, Rafael Alvarez, named to Forbes Magazine’s “Impact 30” list of the world’s top social entrepreneurs 
  • President Barack Obama’s Office of Social Innovation recognized Genesys Works as an example that must be replicated across America

Genesys Works, a partner of NBDA, is actively seeking corporations who have workload needs in either Information Technology, Business, or Engineering Drafting, and would be willing to meet these needs by utilizing highly motivated, trained interns.

Over 65 major corporations in Houston engage Genesys Works’ interns in a diverse range of industries such as energy, finance, healthcare, and technology. Half of their corporate partners are Fortune 500 companies. 

This is a unique opportunity for your company to benefit from trained, motivated interns who are capable of producing meaningful results for below market rates, while also helping to change the life of an economically disadvantaged high school senior by putting them on the path to college and a corporate career. 

For more information about the Genesys Works program, contact Pawn Kongkosonkichkan, Director of Business Development at or 713.337.0506.