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NBDA & BBVA Compass New Year Happy Hour

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Take your business to the next level in 2014! Join us as we kick-off the new year by learning how to achieve break-through results in 2014. Learn the three key elements needed to take your business to the next level by being a transformation leader, creating accountability and fostering the right culture for breakthrough performance in every area.


“3 Key Elements for Breakthrough Results in 2014”

We all know people who are stuck in one area of their life or another. They want a break-through, but they can’t seem to get traction. Contrary to what they think, it’s not about having: more money; more time; the right contacts; or better luck. Instead, it almost always is about overcoming an invisible barrier. The barrier isn’t something external. It’s something internal—something they have created in their own mind. The barrier isn’t “out there.” It only exists inside their heads.  Think how many other barriers have turned out to be only mental obstacles.

The reason why most of us don’t accomplish more is because we set our goals inside our mental barriers, where it’s safe. That’s why it’s called “the comfort zone.” If you want to get unstuck and start getting traction again, you have to set your goals on the other side of the barrier. You on’t have to get crazy, but you do have to stretch yourself and push past the invisible barrier in your head. This is the secret to achieving break-through results.

Additional Information

Event Date Jan 23, 2014
Agenda 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
(Karla Pierson speaks from 6:00-6:30)

Professional Photography Gift Certificates provided for members - Details at event!
Hors d'oeuvres Sponsored by BBVA Compass Bank
Beverages sponsored by The Tasting Room and Max’s Wine Dive

Location Name BBVA Compass Plaza 19th Floor
Location Address 2200 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056


Karla Pierson
Performance Management Consultant, Sunergos


NBDA Members: $55
Door Registration: $75