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CEO FORUM | Tim Daugherty, President & Chief Executive Officer of Millar

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Featuring top executives from various industries across Houston, this your ideal chance to have the ear of the CEO and other centers of influence in the room. May's featured CEO is 
Tim Daugherty, President & Chief Executive Officer of Millar.

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Four times a year, we host NBDA members in a CEO's boardroom for an intimate discussion about their business and leadership. Featuring top executives from various industries across Houston, this is networking at its best! Networking opportunities at this level are few and far between. Make the most of your NBDA Membership: if networking up is your goal, you definitely don’t want to miss these exclusive, member-only events.

Additional Information

Event Date May 16, 2017
Agenda 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • Networking - 15 minutes 
  • Host Introduces CEO - 5 minutes 
  • CEO Shares Story - 45 minutes 
  • Questions & Answers - 25 minutes
Location Name Members Only - Fulbright Tower, 1301 McKinney, 48th Floor
Location Address At the Norton Rose Fulbright Offices, Fulbright Tower, 1301 McKinney, 48th Floor

Tim Daugherty - President/CEO, Millar

Tim Daugherty has served as President & Chief Executive Officer of Millar since July 2016.  He joined Millar initially in 2003 as a Technical Sales & Support Engineer, where he developed an immediate appreciation for the typical Millar Customer’s high level of innovation, dedication to their craft and ultimate commitment to improving medical outcomes. Working initially with the cardiovascular product lines, he served in increasingly broader roles including Product Manager, Director of Sales & Marketing and President before his appointment as President/CEO in 2016.  

Tim believes that Millar makes a difference in the lives of patients, clinicians, and researchers every day and that it is the company’s purpose to push the limits of technology to enable new scientific discoveries and expand the boundaries of medical understanding in the name of continuously improving the health of mankind. His commitment to this core purpose guides his approach to developing Millar’s long term strategy. 

Since assuming the role of President/CEO, Tim has implemented a strategy to expand Millar’s presence in key clinical markets, where the Company’s novel technology platforms can drive improvements in patient outcomes and reduce long-term healthcare costs. This strategy includes bringing new Millar products directly to customers around the world, as well as facilitating the integration of Millar’s technologies into other devices in order to accelerate the impact of Millar’s technology on a wider scale.

Tim grew in up Texas, Wyoming, and Kentucky, and earned a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University.