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Brent Yaschuk

Brent Yaschuk

Brent Yaschuk, is an entrepreneur and businessman with proven leadership and strategic foresight, Brent is CEO at Uniphos Envirotronic Inc. and has been in the gas detection industry more than 15 years.  He is responsible for founding and streamlining several companies in the North American continent.  His ability to establish key relationships, grow top line sales, successfully bring brands to market, develop strategic partnerships and the ability to gel everything together, has led to brighter futures!

Brent’s core strength, in building sales and marketing machines, provides clear definition and direction for the company’s growth and strong profitability, along with innovation and integration into the market place.  It allows for the creation of enhanced products and service developments for the future.

The key to such success is strong end-user focus driven from the top!